I'm a Skype fan now - great adoption without forcing change

As somewhat of a tech geek (for a non-programmer), I am a little embarrased to admit I have not been a Skype user - until yesterday. I have friends and previous co-workers around the globe that are big users, but I never had enough of a recurring need to bother.
Less than 5 minutes to: WOW, that was easy!
Yesterday afternoon I emailed a friend in France to say hi . He emailed me back and arranged a time to call on Sunday. I noticed he had a Skype user name and decided that would be easier (ok, cheaper) than making a long-distance call. So, I went to the Skype site and downloaded the service. It took about 2.5 minutes to download and about 1 minute to test. I searched for my friend's user id and found it in 15 seconds and added him to my contacts list. About 1 minute later, my computer rang. It was my friend. We chatted for a few minutes about work, family and Skype. No reason to wait till Sunday, no reason to pay for the call.It turns out that although he had Skype setup on his computer, he had never used it before. His IT guy set it up for him and he never had a need to use it before (just like me). However, when I added him to my contact list, he was notified, he hit the call button and I was on the line. Neither of us had headsets, so we just talked through our computers, which worked fine.
Massive adoption, minimal change
The real brilliance in Skype is the way they have enabled those that REALLY need it, to use it without forcing any change on others.
There are huge benefits to CALLERS using Skype even if you are calling someone on their land-line or cell-phone. There is no real benefit to those receiving the call, but the fact that they don't have to change anything is huge.
Litmus test for technology adoption
I was introduced to Skype a long-time ago and have heard callers rave about how great it was - while they were calling me on Skype. I understand better now, what so many others have found obvious for so long. What other cool technologies out there embrace change this well?

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