It's not just for Engineers: Outsource and Open Source with Artists

I am an engineer at heart. I like to solve problems. I know how to sell, because I have studied and practiced sales with an engineering mindset. So, I am not a great salesperson, but I get by. If you are an engineer that is starting a business, you have to learn to sell. However, I would not recommend you try and stretch too far on the marketing and creative side. I am not an artist or visually creative, so I look for help or formulas and shortcuts. For example: It is very important to have a professional appearance and powerful messaging for your business and your product. Here are two good tips that can help. 1. OUTSOURCE. You will likely need a good logo/image to represent your product or business. Some people are really good at this. You are probably not one of them. You can waste countless hours trying to create something that presents the image you are looking for. Or, you can spend $100 to $200 and have a lot of different people create a logo or image for you and pick the best one. A friend of mine turned me on to this service (I am sure there are others). 99 Designs 10 years ago, we paid $1,000+ for a good logo and a lot more for Version 2.0 (post funding). This service is great and fills a real void. 2. OPEN SOURCE. Don't forget my prior post about delivering powerful presentations One of the key points is to use pictures more than words. However, a big challenge is in FINDING THE PICTURES. I have tried using google image search in the past, however, Seth's Godin has a great tip about searching and using "open source" pictures from Flickr. 10 years ago, we used crappy powerpoint art packages that cost hundreds of dollars. Now we get to leverage artists from around the world, for free. To me, this is what the networked economy is all about. Cost effective outsourcing to specialists. Better, cheaper and faster.

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