About Me

A brief history: I am a Technology Executive and live in the Philadelphia, PA area.  I started my Technology Career as a tester at IBM while in college and joined Accenture after graduating. I stayed at Accenture until I noticed that implementing global ERP systems in Fortune 500 companies was not as much fun as selling global ERP systems - and selling paid a lot better. After riding the Y2K ERP growth wave, I co-founded what I call an "Accidental" dot.com company - Atlas Commerce. We started this business in '98 and sold it to Verticalnet in 2001 for $24 million. I ran services at Verticalnet and helped phase-in two acquisitions before leaving to find my next opportunity at the end of 2004. In 2005, I joined SkillSurvey as the CEO, helped launch the company after raising $2.4 million and have since turned it over to someone else to run. I am currently the Chief Operating Office for the Sierra Products in SunGard's Capital Markets and Investment Banking Group.  My website has more info. Contact me: dan at dantiernan dot com

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