Facebook platform is so cool, no wonder Linked-In is reacting

As a 40-something professional focused on business applications, I have had little interest in using Facebook. But Facebooks new platform initiative compelled me to join. The world has been waiting for object-oriented solutions with plug-and-play integration for years. It's still a long-ways away in business applications, but it looks like Facebook is off to a great start. I played around with this for an hour or so today and was impressed with some very cool independently developed services - like "Where I've been".

I have faithfully maintained my linked-in profile and network for the past few years and it has served me well. But after an hour or so building my Facebook profile, Linked-in seems really dull. If some independent developers start adding in some clever business apps, Facebook could zoom right past Linked-in. I read that Linked-in is pursuing a similar platform initiative - but they better hurry. Right now, only about 15 of my 300+ linked-in contacts seem to be in Facebook, but I think that might change. I'm looking forward to seeing how this shakes out.

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