Spend $100 on these Cool widgets to improve productivity

I am continually frustrated with annoying inefficiencies in using email, the web and office applications. So, I have really come to like a few widgets that I have integrated into my day to day use. Here they are:
  • Adding new contacts to outlook is a pain, unless people send around their VCards, which most people don't. What if you could highlight someone's contact information in the footer of an email, or on a website, hit Ctrl-C-C and boom . . it's in your outlook. I love Anagram. $30.
  • Cutting out pictures, text, logo's, etc., from websites and documents is limited to right click and saving a component (which is filled with issues) or hitting print screen, which gives you the whole screen in view . . which is typically more or less than you really want. I love SnagIt - it let's you cut out large scrolling windows that exceed the open screen size as well as objects that don't save/copy well. $40.
  • I have a password protected word document that houses all my passwords. How annyoning - even when you have a standard password, sometimes you have to put one in that is longer, or requires a mix of numbers and letters, etc., a real pain. I just started using roboform. I never thought I would find a good password management tool, but this one rocks. Check out recent review in Computerworld. $30 for the download tool and $40 for the portable USB stick.
  • I like how clean .pdf files are, but I have no need for a publishing tool. I love PDFCreator. It lets me print to a .pdf file from any application - as though it were a printer. It's opensource and FREE.

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