Bad Powerpoint - different views on what makes a good pitch

Seth Godin recently reposted his views on how so many companies create really bad powerpoint decks with uninspiring, boring information presentation. His key message - a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

For example:

Can you trust job candidate interviews?

What makes the point better? this picture, or several bullet pointed phrases?
Meanwhile, Guy Kawaski preaches the 10/20/30 rule in making powerpoint presentations. No more than 10 slides, in 20 minutes with 30 point font. Who is right and who is wrong? I think they are both right. For an investor deck, I focus on Guy's points first and mix in Godin. For sales decks, the oppposite is true.

If you are trying to sell a product that requires education on a concept, then you really out to check out this VERY innovative presentation on Identity 2.0 , made by Dick Hardt, the CEO of Sxip Identity. You will understand the challenges associated with Identity Mangement after listening to this and you will be entertained. Very unique approach - applicable for the right audience at the right time.

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