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Free HR/Applicant Tracking App

Thursday, January 8th, 2009
I love free stuff :) Here are two options for keeping track of employees / prospective hires: Zoho - up to 10 employees for Free. This has gotten good reviews and the company is very well known/solid for web applications in a variety of functions. How do they make money? give it for free to small co's and charge big co's Want a little more . . here's one that is cheap, but not free. It started as an "open source" model, but transitioned to low cost ASP provider: CATS

"Open Source" Legal Documents

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
Legal fees can be a real burden on early stage start-ups. Fortunately, some forward thinking people and organizations have decided to publish "standard" agreements that can help start-ups AND investors from reinventing the wheel and using a dis-proportionate amount of their funds on legal documentation. Josh Kopelman has some good commentary on deal structure AND talks about a great source for legal docs in this post from a few years ago. The punch line is here: an "open source" repository of draft documents I was looking for a convertible note template and later found another great source of info here: