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Picking the Right People - Peter Drucker principles

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
What a great post. It includes some really critical concepts that I embrace: 1. The job requirements vary for the same position depending on the situation (startup, growth, turnaround, etc.,) 2. Focus on people's strengths, not weaknesses 3. Understanding past behavior on the job is key to predicting future performance If you are not careful, you could end up with employees like this one that my 11 year nephew recently pointed out to me. I think I met her sister at USAir check-in last week. Bon Qui Qui at King Burger:

Investing in relationships for long-term payoffs

Sunday, March 30th, 2008
Guy Kawasaki wrote a great blog about building relationships called "The Art of Schmoozing". The title is interesting, but misleading. His key point: find ways to help people and people will help you. There was an interesting article in Inc. Magazine a few years back called "The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker". This article has some great tips and approaches to execute on your ideas and expand the possibilities of your relationship building potential. However, there is so much information that it might lead you to forget the cardinal rule. Help people and people will help you. Don't forget it.

Working with assholes and stupid people

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

We hear it all the time:

"The people are more important than the product",

"I'd rather invest in an A-team with a B-opportunity, than a "B-team with an A-opportunity"

It's all true and here is one of my favorite quotes on the topic:

"You hope you don't hire anybody who is stupid, but if you do, pray that they don't have a lot of energy."

Roberto Goizueta, Former CEO of Coca-Cola, who passed away in October 1997

On a related note, here is a great post on the goal of many companies to implement a "No Assholes" policy.

What does OJ have in common with the former CEO of PurchasePro?

Thursday, September 13th, 2007
They have the same lawyer. Charles "Junior" Johnson, former CEO of PurchasePro, will begin his retrial next month with the assistance of OJ's attorney. "Junior" played on a smaller field, but makes Scrushy, Kozlowski and the Enron guys look boring and dull.

Hired Gun CEOs - Andreessen says "Don't do it" - Why Not?

Friday, August 31st, 2007
In Mark Andreessen's latest blog entry in the "guide to startups" series, he tells companies not to hire a professional CEO. Leaving us to ponder why? I co-founded a company that hired a professional CEO. Later in my career, I was hired as a CEO for a company I did not found. In neither case did I feel like I was involved in something that was illogical and don't regret either decision. That being said, here are my top 5 reasons Mark might be saying this: 1. You can't hire passion. 2. If you're still finding your way, how do you figure out what you need in a leader? 3. New hires are a 50/50 gamble. Do you want to flip a coin regarding the leader of your company? 4. You can't pay enough. 5. Lingering founder doubt, especially if you resolve #4.