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"Open Source" Legal Documents

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
Legal fees can be a real burden on early stage start-ups. Fortunately, some forward thinking people and organizations have decided to publish "standard" agreements that can help start-ups AND investors from reinventing the wheel and using a dis-proportionate amount of their funds on legal documentation. Josh Kopelman has some good commentary on deal structure AND talks about a great source for legal docs in this post from a few years ago. The punch line is here: an "open source" repository of draft documents I was looking for a convertible note template and later found another great source of info here:

What does OJ have in common with the former CEO of PurchasePro?

Thursday, September 13th, 2007
They have the same lawyer. Charles "Junior" Johnson, former CEO of PurchasePro, will begin his retrial next month with the assistance of OJ's attorney. "Junior" played on a smaller field, but makes Scrushy, Kozlowski and the Enron guys look boring and dull.